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Wal-Mart is Bad

Wal-Mart is the biggest supermarket in American. Many people like shopping in the Wal-mart because it is a big, convenient, and cheap supermarket. However, Wal-mart has many drawbacks such as the profit is not for the locals. Some people do not like shopping in the Wal-mart because they knew Wal-mart is not helpful for them or their town. Also, Wal-mart does not have good human resource system. Therefore, Wal-mart is not beneficial because of employee, psychology and social problems.
First, Wal-mart has bad treatment to its employees. Wal-mart gives low salaries to employess. Because of their work in Wal-mart can not move up their life quality because they do not get enough salaries to buy quality items such as good car. Also, its employees may have to find second job for getting more money, Moreover, WAl-mart has sexism problems for its employees. For example, Wal-mart does not promote women even some women work harder than men. It still chooses men to be managers. Wal-mart does not care its employees. Also, it does not have good human resource system for its employees.
Second, Wal-mart can not satisfy customers. Wal-mart does not have enough choosing for customers. For example, if people want to buy pork in the Wal-mart,
they only offer one brand for pork. Also, customers do not always find the product which they want. For instance, a customer wants to buy a bicycle's component such as tires; however, there are no bicycle's tire sold in Wal-mart.
We know Wal-mart sells many different products like life's supply and food, but it still can not make customers feel contentedly.
Finally, Wal-mart cause many social problems. Wal-mart monopolizes the market and destroys small businesses. For example, when a Wal-mart into a small town such as Carbondale, it causes many small stores must close. The inhabitants will lose their own business and work in the Wal-mart. In addition, Wal-mart obstructs development of them. When a small town becomes a city, it needs many stores to increase bussiness and developement. However, Wal-mart causes many stores to colse; therefore, a town can not become a city. Wal-mart makes many different social problems even it is the biggest supermarket.
Opponents of the Wal-mart claim that it is cheaper than any other supermarket.
However, this arguments is not right. In fact, Wal-mart can sell goods with low price because of low quality products and low cost. We know Wal-mart provides worse goods for their customers. For example, we can see crops like corns that sell in Wal-mart are almost overdue. Furthermore, Wal-mart decrease their cost for items because Wal-mart factories are outside America. These employess do not have enough knowledge, skills, and wages. Thus, Wal-mart can sell their products with low price. We know people like low price; conversely, we have to think about reasons why it can sell produce with low price. There may be good reasons or not. If it is not good reasons, we should reject Wal-mart.
In conclusion, Wal-mart treats its employees very bad and it can not satisfy its customers. Also, it is not useful for developement of towns. Therefore, Wal-mart has negative influence in American. Wal-mart should change the culture of company by training employees, offering high quality goods like fresh foods, and contribution in that area. So, when people talk about Wal-mart they will not say " it is only cheap." There will more positive estimation about Wal-mart.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Research paper

Good Job McDonald’s!

Tzu Chao Weng

EAP2, Writer’s Workshop

Heidi Wright

October 5, 2007


The topic of this paper is discussing about reasons for success of McDonald’s. McDonald’s can become the largest company in the world because of strategies. There are four strategies to explain how McDonald’s success. The first is that McDonald’s has good operating strategies for providing their food and McDonald’s tries its best to satisfy its customers. The third reason is that McDonald’s uses advertisements correctly. Finally, McDonald’s gives its customers very good experiences.

Good Job! McDonald’s

Thesis: McDonald’s is the very successful company in the world.

I. Introduction

A. Fast food is a part of our live.

B. McDonald’s is the best top company.

C. McDonald’s used correctly strategies that make McDonald’s success.

1. McDonald’s has good operating strategies.

2. McDonald’s satisfies its consumers.

3. McDonald’s uses advertisings.

4. McDonald’s creates good experiences for its customers.

II. Background

A. What is McDonald’s?

1. fast

2. food

B. How does it work?

McDonald’s provides its food to customers at 15 seconds.

C. History


a. Dick and Mac McDonald.

b. Chicago

c. 1955

2. Changes over time

The 100th McDonald’s was opened in 1959.

III. Major Part – Arguments

A. Good operating strategies for providing their food.

1. Giving food very quickly.

McDonald’s gets ready for hot and fresh food.

2. Designing kitchen carefully.

Svoboda (1995) write that “McDonald’s engineering development has carefully designed the layout and equipment for its restaurant” (1995, para.6).

B. Satisfying its consumers.

1. McDonald’s provides different menu in different in countries.

There are rice hamburgers in Taiwan.

2. McDonald’s supplies variety of food in the same county.

McDonald’s now has an extensive menu (McDonald’s, 2001)

C. Advertisements

1. Creating impossible forget jingle to its advertisement.

The Big Mac jingle (Heher, 2007).

2. McDonald’s in everywhere

McDonald’s uses TV, radio, and newspaper to send out its advertisements.

D. Giving customers good experience.

1. Birthday program.

McDonald’s has birthday program for children in Taiwan.

2. McDonald’s pays attention to customers’ feeling.

McDonald’s gives extra food to customers for free, if McDonald’s can not provide food immediately.

E. McDonald’s still helpful in the world.

1. McDonald’s cares money and does not care customers’ health.

2. McDonald’s is a good company

3. McDonald’s had done good things for its social responsibility.

McDonald’s spent millions of dollars raised through World Children's Day (McDonald’s Social Responsibility Report: One Year Global Update, 2003).

4. McDonald’s made its food healthy

McDonald’s changed its cooking oil (Book, 2002).

IV. Conclusion

A. McDonald’s success.

B. Providing food quickly, satisfying its customers, advertisements, and giving good experience to its customers.

C. Became famous cause.

Good Job! McDonald’s

There are many fast food companies such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. No matter what company it is, fast food has the same characteristic: fast. Also, because of this characteristic, many people eat fast food a lot. Therefore, fast food becomes a part of our life. Of the many fast food companies, McDonald’s is the best top company. When people talk about fast food or want to eat fast food, there will be an “M” in our mind, McDonald’s. According to Svobodo (1995), “A typical McDonald’s restaurant may sever as many as 2,000 people a day” (para. 6). This means there are so many people who buy McDonald’s every day around the world. McDonald’s can be so success because it has good operating strategy, satisfies its customers, has good advertisings, and gives its consumers good experience.

In “McDonald’s” the author tell us that “43 years ago, Ray Kroc (a salesman), supplied milkshake multi-mixers to a drive-in restaurant run by two brothers: Dick and Mac McDonald. Kroc calculated that the restaurant must have been selling over 2000 milkshakes a month. Intrigued to know more about the secret behind the success of the brothers' business, he decided to pay a visit to the restaurant which promised its customers 'Speedee Service'. Amazed, he watched how the staff filled orders of 15-cent hamburgers with fries and shakes every 15 seconds. Kroc saw this as a massive potential and together with the McDonald brothers, set up the first McDonald's restaurant just north of Chicago on 15 April, 1955” (para.3). At first three years McDonald’s had sold over 100 million hamburgers. Also, the 100th McDonald’s was opened in 1959. Moreover, McDonald’s was become very popular and successful at the other countries such as China, Japan, and Germany (McDonald’s, 2001). Even many people knew McDonald’s has big influence for our health; it still is a successful company in the world.

First, McDonald’s has good operating strategies for providing their food. McDonald’s gives its food to consumers very quickly. Because a McDonald’s may have 60% to 70% of customers take food outside the restaurant (Svoboda, 1995), McDonald’s gets ready for hot and fresh food so that customers can get their food as soon as possible. Moreover, McDonald’s can offer its food so quickly not only because it preparing foods already but also because McDonald’s designing its kitchen carefully. Svoboda (1995) write that “McDonald’s engineering development has carefully designed the layout and equipment for its restaurant” (1995, para.6). The designing can make employees get anything what customers want easily spent a lot of time on the walking. McDonald’s wants to serve as many as customers it can. Thus, in McDonald’s operating strategies, it pays much attention to the time that provides food.

Second, McDonald’s satisfies its consumers. McDonald’s provides different menu in different countries. For example, in my country of Taiwan, we have rice hamburger in McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s does not always provide foods of American style. It creates different food in different culture so that customers have many choices. Moreover, McDonald’s supplies variety of food in the same country. In “McDonald’s” the author tell us that “McDonald's now has an extensive menu, ranging from beef and chicken, to vegetarian products, a full range of desserts, and hot and cold drinks to cater for everyone” (2001, para.6). McDonald’s knew each customer has different demand, even though the consumer is a child. McDonald’s provides happy meal to those sweet customers. Therefore, McDonald’s does it best to make each customer can get the food that they want.

Third, everyone can know McDonald’s very well because of its advertisements. McDonald’s usually creates impossible to forget jingle to be its advertisement. The Big Mac jingle “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun” is a good example for McDonald’s advertisement (Heher, 2007). Many people may not remember Pledge of Allegiance very well but they can remember this jingle (Spurlock, 2004). Moreover, we can see and hear advertising of McDonald’s everywhere. McDonald’s sent out its advertisements by many different ways such as TV, radio, and newspaper. Also, McDonald’s usually sponsors sporting events such as Olympic Games. So, we can see its advertisements very often during big sporting events time. McDonald’s puts its logo to everyone’s mind by advertising. Thus, when people think about fast food, McDonald’s is first.

Finally, McDonald’s gives its consumers good experience. McDonald’s has birthday program for its customers. For example, in my country of Taiwan, if a child wants to have a birthday party in the McDonald’s, McDonald’s will draw up a special area for birthday party. Also, it will give birthday cup, cake, and gift to the child. The birthday program usually makes children have a good experience. Furthermore, McDonald’s pays attention to customers’ feeling. For instance, in my country of Taiwan, if a customer can not get the food what he wants immediately, the employee will ask the customer: “would you might wait two minutes or change the other product”. No matter what the customer designs, he can get the other product that he wants for free. McDonald’s knew the experience of customers is very important because if customers have good experience they mean will have good distribution. Therefore, giving customers good experience is the most important thing for McDonald’s.

Opponents of McDonald’s claim that McDonald’s just care how much money it can earn and does not care about its customers’ health. However, this is not truth. In fact, McDonald’s has done good things for its social responsibility. In “McDonald's Social Responsibility Report: One-Year Global Update” the author tell us that “Millions of dollars raised through World Children's Day that will support the distribution of 150,000 dictionaries, 1,300 hearing aids and other health care initiatives for children” (2003, para.6). Therefore, we know McDonald’s still helps children who need help in the world. Moreover, McDonald’s makes its food more healthy. McDonald’s knew its food has high calories; thus, it changed its cook oil that educes trans-fatty acids by 48 percent and saturated fat by 16 percent (Brook, 2002). There are much negative news about McDonald’s. Sometimes, we should check what McDonald’s did for our society and its customers. If we do, we can find out McDonald’s is not so bad as we think.

In conclusion, McDonald’s provides its products as soon as possible and satisfies its customers. Also, McDonald’s knows how to make everyone remember its name and does its best to give its customers good experience. Moreover, McDonald’s is not only a famous company, but also it is a famous cause in the world. Many people research its strategies because they want to make business can success like McDonald’s. Therefore, we can know McDonald’s is a very successful company in the world.


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SUMMARY and Response

In Zussman’s (2005) article “Fighting Corruption Is a Global Concern,” he discusses anti-corruption conference in Beijing that helps corrupting think about corruption in word. First, he talks about Transparency International report and making corruption issues visible to public. Many countries global are walking together to abolish corruption in society and governments. Thus, many countries are occupied with anti-corruption efforts. Next, he points out the four factors help government development of anti-corruption. Those are making laws, knowing rules, enforcing laws, and choosing right people to help the government. Also, the author uses Canada to prove the four factors are useful. In conclusion, the author states all of laws for anti-corruption need the strong support of people.

It is clear that anti-corruption is very important. The author tell us corruption makes many problems such as economic problems and citizen’s quality of live problems. Corruption has many bad influences. Therefore, people should reject corruption because it makes many unfair situations, social problems and wrong personality.

First, corruption causes many people live in the unfair situations. A lot of people have low opportunity to get job because of corruption. For example, there are two person, one is rich the other one is poor; they want to work in the famous company such as Microsoft. The rich one person gets a job because he gives money to someone. On the other hand, the poor one can not get a job. Moreover, wrong people will not get punishment. For instance, a speeder gives money to a police so that he will not get speed ticket. Rich people can get many advantages; however, poor people can not get those advantages. Therefore, corruption makes our live in the unfair environment.

Second, corruption not only causes unfair situations but also it makes many social problems. Corruption lets some people break laws. For example, a judge receives money from a guilty person. The judge may acquit the guilty person even though the guilty person killed someone. So, our society will become unsafe because many guilty people still stay in our society. Furthermore, corruption creates gap between rich and poor. Rich people can use money to make more money or get what they want. On the other hand, poor people can not do that because they do not have enough money allow them give money to someone. Thus, rich people become richer and poor people become poorer in our society. Corruption let our social development tend to the wrong way. Government should make laws and stop people still accept corruption.

Finally, corruption also makes personality development in the wrong way. Corruption makes people to think about money is everything because we can use money to get everything what we want. Therefore, people will not care about anything beside money. Moreover, corruption causes some people no conscience. People can do very bad things because of money. They will not care about what bad things will happen on the other people even though they kill people for money. People will consider money can solve everything and get everything. People should stop corruption for tending our personality in the right way.

In conclusion, corruption has a lot of influence such as unfair situations, social problems, and personality that develop the wrong way. Government should make laws to stop corruption and teach us to reject corruption. Corruption should disappear from in our world also anti-corruption is necessary so that many things can become legitimatize and candid so that we can have nice life in our world.


Zussman, D. (2005, October 11). Fighting corruption is a globule concern. Ottawa Citizen. pp A15.

Cigarette is a killer

Many people like to smoke. They can smoke in any situation. For example, they can smoke when they feel boring or nervous. Sometimes, they smoke because they want to smoke. They do not think about their bodies or what nonsmoker’s are feeling. Also, there are many studies to warn us that cigarette is not healthy and many people are killed by cigarettes. Therefore, cigarette should be illegal because it causes health problems, social problems and personal problems.

First, cigarettes cause problems of health. Many smokers have the problem of the lungs. For example, smokers get lung cancer easier then nonsmokers because the carcinogen such as nicotine leaves in the lungs and the lungs can not release the carcinogen. So, the carcinogen causes lung cancer. Also, smokers have the high blood pressure problem because of nicotine. For example, if a smoker gets too much nicotine, it will cause the blood platelet to barricade in blood vessel, therefore, they may get palsy. Smokers should quite smoke as possible as they can because cigarettes make many problems in our bodies. Therefore, cigarettes should be illegal.

Second, cigarettes cause social problems. Cigarettes cause environmental pollution. For instance, some smokers do not drop the cigarette into the trash can when they finish their smoking. They drop their cigarette butts everywhere. Therefore, the environment becomes very dirty. Moreover, cigarettes can cause big fire in the forest. Many people like mountaineering and camping in the summer. Smokers may optional drop their cigarette butts without extinguishing them; so, big fire will happen because of cigarettes. The government should talk to people how cigarettes have big influence in our society and try to make cigarettes illegal.

Finally, cigarettes cause personal problems. Smokers do not have good impression for nonsmokers. For example, if a smoker meets a nonsmoker in a public or private place. The nonsmoker may not like the smoker because the smoker has bad small from his or her mouth and the cigarettes smell bad. Furthermore, cigarettes make smokers losing a lot of money. Hitti(2005), claims that the average net worth of nonsmokers is 75.000 dollars each year; however, the people who smoke cigarettes at least a pack a day lose 8.400 dollars. Therefore, smokers become poorer than nonsmokers. Cigarettes cause problems of personal finance and relationship. So, cigarette should be illegal because it cause people may not have good live style.

Approvers of cigarette claim that it is safe for our society. However, this is not right. In fact, cigarettes cause the biggest influence in our society: secondhand smoke. The secondhand smoke kills many nonsmokers. In “Secondhand Smoke and Your Family” the author tells us that there have 22.700 to 69.600 nonsmokers been killed by secondhand smoke. This information tells us secondhand smoke is danger for nonsmokers. Also, if a nonsmoker was killed by secondhand smoke, he or she can not know who is a murderer. For example, if a nonsmoker gets secondhand smoke from many different smokers then he gets lung cancer. He can not accuse anyone because he does know who the murderer is. Thus, the cigarettes are not helpful for us. Government should make laws to reject cigarettes because many people like to smoke, but they do not know they may kill nonsmokers.

In conclusion, cigarettes make our bodies become unhealthy and they make our environment become dirty. Moreover, we can not get good life if we are smokers. Therefore, cigarettes do not have any advantage for our world. Government should teach people to stop smoke by any specific way such as using advertising or playing short films on the TV and try to use laws to limit cigarettes with step by step till cigarettes become illegal.


Hitti, M. (2005, February 4). Smoking is bad for your wealth. WebMd Better Information. Better Health. Retrieved September 5, 2007, from http://www.webmd.com/Smoking-Cessation/news.

Secondhand smoke and your family. (2006, August). American Lung Association. Retrieved September 6, 2007, from http://www.lungusa.org/site

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Independence Day

I went to St. Louis on Wednesday. It was a busy place in there. I went to ARCH. It's a nice place. I can see all St. Louis view. And I went to a garden. I forget the garden name is. Anyway there have China garden, Japanese garden, and different style garden in there. We spend almost 3 hurs in there. After garden, we went to the mall in St. Louis. Unfortunately, many store closed because Independence Day. After mall, we tried to see firework but there had big traffic in the evening. Anyway, we still had a lot of fun in St. Louis. I appreciate my friends, they invite me to there. It was grate time!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My life in U.S.A

I arrived to Unite States almost 6 months. During this day, CESL improve my second language. I met many American people and I made many friends in Unite States. But I feel a little boring in Carbondale because it’s a small town. It’s really hard to find munch fun in here. For example, if I want to shop, I just go to University Mall. That is only one place can shop in this town. Furthermore, the transportation is not very convincing. Each time the bus cost me 1 hour to Well-Mart. Those things are I feel not convenience in Unite States.
About good things in American are fresh air, quite, no traffic problem, and big lakes near by Carbondale. I had a lot of fun with my American friends. Those guys are cool guys. They took me to many places like big lake (sorry I forget the name), we also went to hike, we burned fire together, we had many BBQ active and we hang out together. So I feel luck in American because my friends.